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We have many years of supporting a variety of Microsoft Office Products. Particularly Access and Excel.


  • Development of complete systems
  • Support and continued development
  • One-off help
  • Integration with other systems
  • Specialised reports
  • Original support company has moved on - we'll help you make that change or sort out that report.

Talk to us if you want to develop a new project, have an existing system that needs tweaking, or you just want a new form or report added to your existing system.


  • Need a new spreadsheet
  • Have an existing spreadsheet that needs modifying
  • Help modifying existing spreadsheets and the original author has move to pastures new
  • want to create some macros

We can help you develop your spreadsheets - or perhaps you would like to move a spreadsheet to a database application - let us help.

Want to find out more? - contact us.



+44(0)7762 879 008

21 May 2007:
mi4k launch new web site.

18 May 2007:
mi4k releases ForecastPlus demo - a fully working timelimited version of ForecastPlus




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