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Sample Fees Booked Form
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Activity Analysis
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ForecastPlus has been designed for use within the Recruitment Industry as a tool for forecasting income.

Information, for both consultants and management is available at the click of a button.

  • How much will we earn this month?
  • How much will I earn this month?
  • List all outstanding Forecasts?
  • What did we book last Quarter?
  • How does Office A compare to Office B for this Quarter?
  • Show a summary of the situation
  • What is the performance across the company?
  • What Temps are coming to the end of their contract
  • How are we doing against out Targets for this month?
  • What else have we done for company C?
  • Has that Contract been Invoiced?

All the above questions are answered by ForecastPlus, and many more too.

Want to know more - then contact us.

Why Plus?

We started with a forecasting system, and in no time we found that there were other things that could be added too. Perhaps you will have your own ideas - see the future section below

  • Activity Monitoring is available - with associated reports, Activity information extracted directly from the existing Recruitment database
  • Bonus System - Calculations and reports, with Managers approval options, allows everyone to see their own Bonus status.
  • Time sheet for Temps - input and exported directly to payroll.
  • Need to something else? - ask us about how to integrate it within the ForecastPlus system


Many reports within the system are completely customisable at user level. Enabling you to decide what you monitor and how you report it.


Want to know more - then contact us

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This section allows the entry and modification of forecasts, it also shows bookings, summary and Performance information.

Fee Forecasts:
Is where Forecasts are entered and maintained. The filter system allows drill down from company wide forecasts for the year all the way down to individual consultants for a particular month. (view)

Fees Booked:
Shows the Bookings for the selected Filter view. Also allows modification of bookings.(View)

Temps Out:
Shows the Temps Out for the selected view. Allows the entry of Timesheet information, highlights End Dates, and also show Values for the selected Temp.(view)

Shows a summary of Fees for the selected View

Shows the performance over the specified quarter for all consultants (sequenced by Fees) and also shows the performance against budget. Allows the Performance by Category also to be displayed.(View)


Shows the Activity Analysis for the specified view filter. For administrators also allows the modification of Activity Input Data.(View)

Budgets (Targets).

Both Fee and Activity Budgets may be entered for each consultant, these are entered for a complete year and may be copied from existing budgets - thus making the process of entering budgets a relatively simple process. (View)


There are a variety of reports available within the system - these may be extended required. Please contact us to find out more.

Want to know more - then contact us

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ForecastPlus was originally conceived back in 2004, as a replacement for an existing spreadsheet system. Developed independently of the end customer, it was taken up immediately, up and running within 3 months. Over the past 2 years there have been many modifications to the system.

The spreadsheet system has now gone.

Want to know more - then contact us

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We are now in a position, to write version 2 of ForecastPlus (forecast++)!, this is being developed using Microsoft's Visual Studio .Net in VB.Net, with the database being transferred to SQL Server.

If you are interested and would like to influence the development of the product - then now is the time to contact us.

We have our ideas, and our existing clients have theirs, maybe yours too could be incorporated.

We anticipate ForecastPlus version 2 being available Q4 2007.

Want to know more - then contact us

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Want to see what it really does - rather than read all this - then contact us and we will arrange to send you a fully working (time limited) Demo* version of the existing system.

* ForecastPlus the demo, is available as a Microsoft Access 2000 .mde file - so you will need to have Access 2000 or later on your computer.

Want to know more - then contact us

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+44(0)7762 879 008

21 May 2007:
mi4k launch new web site.

18 May 2007:
mi4k releases ForecastPlus demo - a fully working timelimited version of ForecastPlus




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